Mortgage Checklist for All Applicants

What Buyer Should Bring:

  • Name and address of employer(s) for the past two years
  • Most recent payroll stubs showing year-to-date information covering the latest 30 day period
  • Social Security or retirement income verifications
  • Residence addresses for past two years
  • Name, address, and telephone number of landlord(s) for the past two years
  • Lender’s name, address, and account number on your present home
  • Proof of disposition of present home by providing either a listing contract, offer and acceptance, or closing statement (HUD 1)
  • List of all debts for each including:
    • Account number
    • Monthly Payment
    • Lender’s Address
    • Current Balance
  • Last three statements for each bank account reflecting the:
    • Bank Address
    • Type Account
    • Account Number
    • Current Balance
  • Copy of Social Security Cards
  • Divorce Decree and copy of child support registry
  • Application fee for appraisal and credit report
  • W2s for previous two years

What Owner, Seller, or Agent Should Bring:

  • Real estate contract (offer and acceptance)
  • Verified copy of legal description (deed-abstract)
  • Correct address of property (even if rural)
  • Current taxes and a hazard insurance quote
  • Lot size and date home was built
  • Address and telephone number of occupant
  • Key- if house is vacant
  • Abstract location or copy of recent title policy
  • Present lender, account number and loan type

Items needed by self-employed applicants

  • How to determine if you are self-employed:
    • You are considered to be self-employed if no Federal withholding tax is deducted from your earnings
    • If you are the principal stockholder in a corporation or a partner in a legal partnership, you may be considered to be self-employed, even if you are drawing a salary
  • The past two years signed personal tax returns (all schedules)

If you are a principal stockholder in a corporation or a partner in a partnership, you should bring:

  • The past two years tax returns for the corporation or partnership reports (all schedules for each entity)

Items needed for Conventional proposed construction or suggested exhibits:

Two sets of plans including:

  • Floor plan, including measurements:
    • Foundation plans
    • Elevations
    • Cabinet detail
    • Cross Section footing, foundation, walls, and attic
    • Truss detail with architect’s stamp
    • Heat duct layout with register size
  • Plot plan, including:
    • Existing elevations on corners of lot
    • Show all walks, drives, and dwelling
    • Finish floor elevation noted
    • Location of well and septic tank
    • Full legal description
    • All lot dimensions shown